Google 2D Map

This map was designed to allow users to access the Lynn Woods Bouldering Map from their phone while in the field looking for the boulders. 

An experimental GPS-enabled version of this map is also available.  To use the GPS-enabled version, you must be located in Lynn Woods, your phone's GPS locator settings must be turned on, and you must share your GPS location with your browser when prompted.  Try refreshing the page a few times if it doesn't seem to work and your locator settings are definitely turned on.  Some browsers may not be supported. 

GPS-Enabled Map for Phones

Google Map Key

Boulder locations are displayed as colored markers on the map.  The color of the marker indicates the the potential for finding a classic problem on the boulder.  Some of the 150+ boulders on this map have never been climbed and others are rarely visited so the boulders are classified by their potential for development. If a boulder is known to have at least one classic problem, the boulder is given a “High Potential” rating. “Low Potential” boulders are unlikely to have a classic on them, but you never know. These classifications assume that the boulderer using this map can climb in the V4/V5 range and that they have an eye for identifying classic lines.


High Potential These boulders have "High Potential" which means they have at least  one classic problem them.
Medium Potential These boulders have "Medium Potential" which means they have at least one good problem on them, although it may not be a classic.
Low Potential These boulders have "Low Potential" which means they are climable but very unlikely to have a classic problem on them.
Unknown Potential These boulders have "Unknown Potential" because the potential is either forgotten or has never been explored.
Photo Icon Click on these symbols to see a photo of that boulder.
Parking Icon Official parking lots are displayed with these symbols.  Directions to these lots can be viewed here.
Park Boundary The approximate park boundary of Lynn Woods is displayed in green.

Scale Bar A scale bar appears in the lower right-hand corner of the map.  Clicking the scale bar can change the units from meters to feet. 
Map Control The map control button in the upper right-hand corner allows you to switch from aerial photos to faster-loading vector graphics and terrain. 
Zoom Control Zooming is controlled by the slider in the upper left-hand corner, the mouse scroll wheel, or by pinching.  Zoom out to see current weather information.

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