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Lynn Woods Reservation is one of eastern Massachusetts' best kept secrets.  At 2200 acres, it is the second largest municipally-owned park in the entire United States.  Located just 10 miles north of Downtown Boston, Lynn Woods is a recreational paradise, home to roughly 40 miles of trails, flourishing wildlife, historical structures, pristine reservoirs, and a unique and rugged landscape that is littered with hundreds of amazing granite boulders!  The first map of these boulders was published online in February 2007.  Since then, the park has justifiably become one of the most popular bouldering destinations in Massachusetts.

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Driving Directions

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Main Parking Lots

 Great Woods Road, Lynn, MA

This is the parking area that most Lynn Woods visitors consider to be the main parking lot. From here, you can realistically hike (or bike) to any part of the park, north or south of Walden Pond.  Whenever possible, it is best to park in this lot or the Penny Brook Road lot (if headed to the South Side).  Supposedly, the park gates close at sundown, so plan accordingly.

 Penny Brook Road, Lynn, MA

The is the main parking lot for the south side of the park. Although this web site is currently focused on the north side of the park, there are some great boulders on the south side if you feel like exploring.  Perhaps someday there will be a map and guide for the south side too.  Some of these boulders are shown on the GPS-enabled Google Map.

Secondary Parking Areas

 Mary Ellen Drive, Lynn, MA

This is a great spot to park after work if you want to hit the Mount Spickett area and can't spend a lot of time hiking. Park on the street across from the water storage tank, away from the houses, and then bushwack through the artificial-looking thicket of conifers. The trail begins in a long-grass field on the other side of the conifers. You'll soon see the Boxcar Boulder on your left.

 Ellen Road, Lynn, MA

To quickly access the Weetamoo area, there is a small amount of street parking on Ellen Road. However, this area is thickly settled and there are strict parking regulations due to the proximity to what used to be Union Hospital (it might not be a bad idea to acquaint yourself with the location of the new hospital, just in case). An entrance into the park can be found at the end of Quinn Road.  

 Lynnbrook Road, Lynnfield, MA

This is a good place to park to reach the Kahlenberg Quarry or Bow Ridge bouldering areas. There is a weird houseless cul-de-sac here where you can park and then walk along a private drive to the trailhead. There are Lynnfield Conservation signs to direct you.

 Kahlenberg Quarry/Bow Ridge Conservation Area, Lynnfield, MA

At the rear of the Jeep dealership on Route 1, there are about five parking spaces reserved for visitors of Lynnfield's conservation area. Mountain bikers often park here so be prepared to change your plans if parking is not available. Luckily, the Lynnbrook Road parking area is close by.  

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